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Some Facts by Jonah Engler about Single Fatherhood You Should Know 

Parenting is undoubtedly a challenging task. Both the mother and father play an important role in the life and growth of the children says Jonah Engler. However, the concept of shared responsibilities does not apply to single parenting, especially if you’re leading your life as a single father. 

You have to deal with negative emotions, guilt, doubt, and fear every day you wake up in the morning. Apart from the responsibilities of your company, you also need to focus on your work. This is why single fatherhood is one of the most difficult aspects of life. 

When you live with your child and take care of them, they might judge you for the separation. In such cases, depression is inevitable. The stress of your work-life balance will overwhelm you. Here are some facts you should know about single fatherhood. 

Double Challenges 

When you used to live with your partner, you shared responsibilities of the family. However, as you’re separated, you don’t have anyone to open up with. You might tale help from friends and family members, but they won’t be available all the time. 

It’s in human nature to seek someone who will listen to us and who will encourage us to keep growing in life. But now you have to deal with the situation on your own. Not only the society, but your children might also judge you. This is one of the most common problems single fathers face. 

Loneliness is Unbearable 

When you lived with your spouse, you had a certain level of companionship. But now there; is no one to talk to in your house. Even though you have children with whom you can spend some quality time, you won’t be able to share all the things you used to share with your partner. 

Not to mention, you will miss intimacy in your life. As a single father, it’s perfectly okay to start dating again, says Jonah Engler. But sometimes in the deep corner of your heart, you will miss the good old days. Even if you try to socialize with your friends and other members of your family, your life will never be the same. At the end of the day, it will be you alone in your house. 

You Need to Face Extra Family Burden 

As a single father, the family burden will be great. Apart from taking proper care of your children, you also need to go groceries and cook meals. As you have your office work, maintaining all the family work will become a burden in your life. This is because you’re the one and only owner of the family. 

At times, you might be forced to take leave from your office. You will feel this situation is overwhelming and too much to handle. On the other hand, you also need to manage the financial aspects of your house. 

Your Children Will Be Affected 

It doesn’t matter how good care you take of your children, they will undoubtedly go through emotional distress. If your child is not older, you won’t have to worry too much about their mental state as they are too young to understand anything. However, if your child is older, Jonah Engler says things will become more complicated. 

How will you handle the situation when your child starts asking about the mother? What will you do if they ask whether they are the primary reason behind your separation? Seeing them drowned in pain and sorrow from a younger age is undoubtedly painful for you. The negative emotions will affect the personality development of the children. This will further lead to bitterness, low self-esteem, resentment, and isolation. 

You Will Face Difficulties Raising Your Children

This is undoubtedly one of the most important facts you should know about single fatherhood. As you’re raising your kid alone, you will face difficulties raising them properly. This is because they will miss the female figure in their life. No matter what you do, there are still some specific roles that can only be fulfilled by female figures. 

Additionally, when you start parenting alone, it might cause a negative impression on the children. However, one thing you don’t need to worry about is the discipline of the child. As they will see you struggle, they will also help you with normal household work. This will improve their character as well as their sense of discipline. 

If you think your child is creating distance from you, consider talking with them properly. Ask the things that have been bothering your child. This way you can fulfill the needs and emotions of your child. 

You Have to Dependent 

As a single father, you cannot assume that you’re capable of raising your child independently without relying on others explains Jonah Engler. There will come some specific time when you need to rely on other people so that you can manage your family properly. 

Single parents have to consider various things that will help them stay organized in their family. However, you should always remember that you have friends, colleagues, and family members who will help you out. Instead of fulfilling all the responsibilities by you, it’s advised to take their help. 

You Won’t Get Time for Self-Care

This is another true facet you should know about single fatherhood. When you’re raising your kid on your own, you won’t have free time to care for yourself. This is because you will put the requirements of your kid first and do anything to make them happy. 

However, when you neglect your emotions, it will lead to exhaustion and depression. Not eating healthy food, not getting proper sleep, and not exercising will affect your lifestyle. 

Keep in mind that to protect and raise your children, you need to take good care of your health too. If you can’t take proper care of yourself, how can you take proper care of your child?


These are some facts every single father should know. Single fatherhood is undoubtedly a hectic lifestyle that will cause stress and pressure on you says Jonah Engler. However, you should not give up for the sake of your children. You should fight every day to make their world a better place. As you’re their only parent, you need to guide them to the best path. 

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