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Recurring Negative Emotions and Thoughts – Jonah Engler Shares Easy Tactics to Manage It

Jonah Engler

Today, people around the world have started to believe that it’s the mindset that helps to make or break your life explains Jonah Engler. People with a negative mindset are often unsure of themselves and about life in general. They tend to have an exceeding amount of social anxiety and stress. That means, if you have an excess of negative mindset, you will feel dejected and unpleasant all the time.

According to mental health experts and healers, there are several reasons for people to think negatively. Often, it’s a behavioral trait that they have imbibed from their parents, family, or their immediate surrounding. On other times, the negative thoughts and emotions stem from a traumatic incident that occurred in childhood or at any other age.

But there’s good news for the ones who feel like a prisoner to their negative thoughts! There is a way out. You can start to think differently, which will gradually put your negative thoughts and emotions at the backseat. Here are a few tactics shared by Jonah Engler.

Start to shed off guilt and shame

According to famous research and studies, most people who think negatively have some form of shame or guilt from their earlier lives. It could be that they were in an abusive relationship or got dominated by an authoritative figure who victim-shamed them to a great extent. To start thinking positively, it is essential to shed off the victim shame and guilt that you are holding on to. And that will take time. But you need to initiate the process by thinking that you aren’t at fault and that there is nothing wrong with you. Once you start doing it, you will feel that life will work for you and bid farewell to your negative thoughts.

Get into the habit of meditation

Meditation doesn’t just have physical or mental benefits; it also enables people to move away from a negative mindset. Often the negative mindset is a result of thoughts piling on one another. When you meditate, you take some time off and start to have the crucial realizations of life. That makes you realize that the incidents in your life have made you think the way you are right now. That means you can change your thinking and start to believe in positive thoughts.

Practice gratitude

Are you grateful for the good things and incidents in your life? Do you count the moments where you have been happy? If you start doing so, you will realize that there are greater things in life to be happy about than being unhappy. Also, when you start writing a gratitude journal, you start to realize that life has been fair to you as well. It enables you to realize that a tiny disappointment doesn’t mean life is bitter. As you practice, you will start to delve on the positive aspects of life and become more hopeful.

Jonah Englersays that shedding negative thoughts and emotions takes time. But when you devote yourself to these practices, you will see the outcome and will benefit from it.

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