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Jonah Engler’s Viewpoint on the Growing Importance of Social Wellness


Jonah Engler’s social wellness, simply put, is the relationships that people have and how they interact with others. Their relationships can provide support at difficult times. Social wellness includes building supportive, nurturing, and healthy relationships and fostering a genuine bond with people around them. It is one facet of the complete health equation that is receiving enough emphasis from medical communities.

Social Wellness Plays a Vital Role Today, Says Jonah Engler’s

Social wellness is vital, says Jonah Engler, because the positive impacts on developing and maintaining healthy bonds are endless. Individuals that socially well reap substantial health benefits as well as have chances of living longer. Few social contacts or isolation have a noteworthy health implication on an individual’s overall health. As per studies, the health risks related to isolation include obesity, high blood pressure, and smoking. The blood pressure and heart of those that possess positive relationships will always respond in a better way to stress. Having a robust network is related to a healthy cardiovascular functioning and healthy endocrine system. When one has a healthy social life, it will work wonders in improving the ability of their immune system to fight off infectious diseases. 

Jonah Engler’s Isolation vs. Socializing

Isolation or no social contact has been linked with adverse health impacts such as higher mortality rates from heart diseases, breast cancer, and other forms of chronic diseases, rising prevalence of cognitive decline and dementia, heightened substance abuse, higher cases of flu and cold and increased blood pressure. Socializing, on the contrary, can improve health. The negative impacts of isolation on health can get countered through the positive effects of the health of socializing. There is a strong bond amid social engagement The slowed cognitive decline during later years, and improved thinking skills.

Effective Strategies to Improve Social Health

Take a look at the different effective strategies that can help to improve social health.

  • Build Connections- Social interactions have proven to improve well-being. It works wonders in making meaningful bonds with romantic partners, family, friends, or others, in life. Besides, one can also build some new connections by taking a cooking or joining a dance/exercise group.
  • Make Healthy Relationships- After making connections, one will require nurturing those bonds over time. Building strong bonds are a crucial ingredient of total well-being. It is these positive relationships that assist in making tough times easier and good times better.
  • Get Active Together- After you create relationships; you can make the utmost out of it. One way to do this by getting active together. By including these in your activities you can improve both their mental and physical health. 
  • Attain Social Wellness- Older Adults spend maximum time alone are urged to actively engaging in building a social network. They can consider some of these possibilities,
  • Focus on a Pet- You need not restrict the efforts for improving social wellness to just interacting with humans. Studies have proved that being a parent to a pet can help in reducing stress levels, thereby improving one’s heart health.
  • Reach Out-In the case of older adults that feel isolated, they can make new friends, reconnect with old friends, or get in touch with family members who were once closed to them. To revive an existing relationship will surely improve their social well-being.
  • Volunteer- Volunteering will offer multiple benefits, after all, one is sharing his talents and time for another and this is fulfilling. Besides, it is again fulfilling to learn that their efforts are assisting others. The very concept to volunteer provides a calendar and that sense of purpose, which is not empty. To interact with people through volunteering will significantly contribute to social wellness.
  • Join a Group- No matter one’s area of interest, there is sure to be an organization or club for them. To join a group provides the chance of expanding their social network with those that share their interest.
  • Take a Class- One should consider a subject that interests them, learning any new language or mastering painting; there are endless possibilities. Community colleges, as well as area senior centers, provide such classes. These classes, along with boosting cognitive abilities, will also help to interact with classmates that will help in contributing to social wellness.

Benefits of Being Involved in Different Social Activities

It is a contact that has proven in being equally effective as physical activities for augmenting one’s mood, helping them in maintaining better physical, cognitive, and emotional health.

The bottom line is, for enjoying the aforementioned health benefits; seniors must prioritize various social activities in life. When one maintains social wellness, it will automatically give them that sense of belonging, along with keeping them connected with the world around them. It is the support that improves one’s quality of life as well as offers a buffer against various adverse life events. The moment one gives and gets support regularly, they ensure that they will have family and friends for turning to during crisis for providing them a positive self-image and a broader focus.

Surrounding oneself with positive social networks will help a great deal in increasing their self-esteem. It is social wellness that helps them in creating boundaries that encourage conflict management, trust, and communication. Having the right social wellness undoubtedly is critical for developing emotional resilience. Today seniors can reap the benefits of technology for staying connected to dear ones who are far away, yet also at the same time find some fun social activities that are closer to home. Try these ways to successfully cultivating social wellness in life for a better tomorrow.

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