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Jonah Engler Talks about the Problems of Single Father Family

As a single father raising your kid on your own is undoubtedly an extremely difficult task explains Jonah Engler. Nowadays, a single-parent family is as common as a two-parent family. Even though both single mothers and single fathers have to go through extreme hardships, single fathers need to face more complicated situations than single mothers. Even though there are various advantages of single fatherhood, you should also think about the disadvantages that you and your child have to face. 

When it comes to money, time, and affection, a two-parent household is undoubtedly the best solution. However, now you’re the only alpha of your family. Therefore, you need to think about bearing the responsibilities of both mother and father. Here are some disadvantages of a single father family. 

You Have Less Money 

This is a common disadvantage of single-father families. When you loved your spouse, you used to manage the expenses of the overall house through both of your incomes. You and your wife both used to financially contribute to your family. However, as you’re separated, now you might have to face a small financial crisis. Not to mention, if your wife used to make more money than you do, you will face some serious problems after separation. When the income is lower, it will affect all the aspects of your life. Your responsibilities have doubled, but not your average monthly salary. This will affect how much money you planned to spend on fulfilling the requirements of your children. 

This is why you need to manage your finances properly. Create a budget plan and stick to it. Additionally, cut the unessential expenses so that you can manage your money more properly. 

Jonah Engler Says You Will Spend Less Time 

If you’re a single father, you will face difficulties balancing your work life and your personal life. You will face problems fulfilling the roles of both mother and father. This will affect the mental state of you and your children. You might have to reschedule so that you can make time for the essential things. 

Parents should spend a quality amount of time with their children. This is extremely important for the growth and character development of children. When you spend time with your kid, you will get to know what they are thinking. This way you can provide them the attention they want. A single father will become very busy maintaining the work-life balance. Additionally, if you have more than one child, you will face problems spending time with all of them individually. 

Multitasking and Work Overload 

As a single father, you will get to make all the decisions in your family. This might seem beneficial, but keep in mind that you need to focus on work overload. Sometimes, the work overload will become so daunting that you might end up affecting your mental peace. From finances and houses to your kids, as you’re a single father you need to look for different aspects with proper attention. You also might have to multitask throughout your entire day. And if you have more than one child to rise, you might have to increase your efforts so that you can maintain the proper lifestyle for your children. 

If you’re facing extreme problems multitasking, you should give your children responsibilities as per their age. Consider giving them some easy household responsibilities that they can handle without any problem. When they complete the responsibilities, consider praising them. This way you will be able to spend more time with your children. 

Negative Feelings 

Keep in mind that his family situation might impact the mental as well as the physical well-being of your children. Even though this doesn’t happen always, you should still know about it. The problems they face will create negative emotions about the relationship, says Jonah Engler. Not to mention, they may even start blaming you for their problems. They will be heartbroken from the inside due to the loss of one guardian. As your children won’t have any way to process these feelings, it will make your child more aggressive and anxious. 

Not only the children, but you also might become vulnerable to negative feelings. As you don’t have anyone to talk with, the loneliness will become unbearable. In such situations, don’t blame yourself for being a single father. Sometimes you should take a break from your daily routines. Eat healthy food and get proper sleep to ensure the positivity of your mental state. 

Disciplining Your Children 

If you’re adjusting your life as a single father, keep in mind that your children will also have to go through the same situation. You might be doing everything you can to make your child feel loved; still, they might feel unloved or neglected sometimes. Sometimes, they will try to take advantage by emotionally manipulating you. In such times, you will face problems disciplining your children. 

Therefore, you need to ensure that you’re showcasing proper love and gratitude towards your children. Each day, consider setting aside some specific time where you can talk with your child. You can read, play, or just sit with them. Make sure don’t forget to praise your children. Make them feel supported and loved. 

Behavioral Problems

If you’re a single father, you won’t have enough time to be involved in the school activities and studies of your children. This is an understanding situation as you don’t have enough time to ask them about their school performance says Jonah Engler. However, if you fail to monitor their activities, the performance of the children at school will be severely affected. Your child might also start developing behavioral problems. They might feel less motivated to study or get lower test scores. 

To improve their behaviors, you need to set some rules and you need to ensure that your child is following them. This will help your children become disciplined from a young age. For instance, you can set rules about playing games. 


These are some common problems of single-father families. As a single parent, you need to provide more effort into your family. Don’t ever assume that single-parent families don’t become successful. You might have to make some compromises for your child, but you’re doing everything for your child. 

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