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Jonah Engler Shares the Ways in Which You Can Create a Warm and Loving Environment for Your Kid

Jonah Engler

Most couples dream of having a child. It does add a new dimension and meaning to their life explains Jonah Engler. A child is a promise of new hope and happiness galore in your life. But that’s only the brighter things linked with a child. There are challenges that you need to face as well. Bringing up a child with the best discipline is not enough. You should ensure that they feel loved and cared for. Even when parents think they are doing a good job, they overlook a few minute aspects that affect the child and the way they start to perceive the world.

Are you trying to find out the best ways in which you can assure that your child grows up feeling loved and cared for? If yes, Jonah Engler shares a few tactics here.

Get comfortable with loving gestures yourself

You can’t teach someone anything until you practice it yourself. If you don’t believe in loving gestures, you will find it challenging to teach your kid to be loving. Also, it will feel like you are making an external show of love without meaning it yourself after a point in time. So, for starters, believe in love yourself and start to act kindly with others. When others behave lovingly with yourself, appreciate that and be thankful for it. That way, your kid will also start to model that behavior. Additionally, they will start to believe it’s fine to display actions and words of love to others.

Appreciate them

According to therapists and mental health experts, appreciation can make a kid have a strong self-esteem. Similarly, when there is less appreciation or none of it, your kid will start growing with a faulty sense of self and zero confidence. In fact, appreciation is an obvious aspect of love. When you appreciate your kid, they will feel loved and cared for. Start appreciating your kid for random facts and notice their happiness. They will be happy and start doing good in their lives as they grow up.

Manage your rage

There are times when everyone has a bad temper owing to professional and personal problems. While it’s perfectly fine to get angry once in a while, it’s not a good habit to hold on to your rage and develop toxic habits like seeking vengeance in action or words. Your kid will take note of it soon and will develop an unhealthy attitude towards love and life.

Last but not least, Jonah Engler says that it is essential to make your kid feel special. Kids love it when their parents make them feel like a superhero. Their happiness reaches a whole new level. It makes them feel that their parents will always root for them and will make them feel like a champion at all aspects of life. That will provide them the confidence to tackle any situation they encounter. In fact, it will make them a happy person as they grow up, which is what everyone around the globe is aspiring for.

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