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Jonah Engler: Low-cost and fun summer activities for parents and kids

Jonah Engler

Summer holidays are all about having fun, beating the heat, and making valuable memories to cherish for a lifetime with your family says Jonah Engler. Every family dreams of a fancy vacation or an elaborate summer plan, but not all can afford it. However, that is no excuse to not have fun.

The fun doesn’t have to be expensive, and many summer activities can be enjoyed with your kids for cheap or even free. If you’re wondering what might those be, then don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Check out our list of cheap and fun summer activities for parents and kids to enjoy together below.

Plan a scavenger hunt

You can never go wrong with an exciting scavenger hunt with your kids on a summer day at home.  Scavenger hunts are easy to design and execute and bring out the enthusiasm in everybody.

Making two teams amongst your family or in case of a smaller family, players can be individual. The first one to finish the hunt should be given a small prize to motivate competition.

Camp in the yard

So, what if you can’t afford expensive camping gear to go camp in the woods? Camping in your backyard could be just as much fun. It doesn’t require a lot of gear, just a simple makeshift tent, and a cozy sleeping space explains Jonah Engler.

You can have a small bonfire and enjoy some delicious s’mores with the kids. Board games can be a fun option to have in the tent. Spending the night with your family under the sky full of stars, just next to your house, can be very gratifying.

Visit a museum or an aquarium

Museums are mostly free and a great way to have fun-filled learning. Visiting a museum with your kids will give you the chance to entertain their wonder and curiosity and make them more aware.

Kids also enjoy aquariums a lot. Watching big and small fishes swimming all around them can be a fascinating experience for them and you.


If you live in a suburban area or countryside, you’ll have access to a lot of wonderful and easy trails to take your kids on. Hiking is fun and gives the family the required exercise.

It also offers beautiful views and fresh air, which is a great reason to get out of your house for a day. Pack a lunch, pick up water and your backpacks and crush that hike.

Participate in community activities

Jonah Engler says, a lot of community centers and parks offer free activities for kids and families over the summer. Free concerts, pool days, volunteering activities, and many more fun things are organized to bring the community closer and have fun together.

Check with your local parks and community centers to get a schedule of activities to plan your days accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Kids should be given opportunities to have fun as they anticipate summer holidays throughout the year. Summertime is all about bonding with your family and going on adventures together. We hope you enjoy our suggested cheap yet fun summer activities.

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