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Jonah Engler Identifies the Top Reasons Why People Give to Charity

  Jonah Engler a vast majority of the people give to charity out of a sense of ethics and morality. Most people feel that they have a duty and also a responsibility to give back to society for tackling inequality. Using their money to the less fortunate people around them. Almost all donors admit to having a specific cause that they were passionate about. That inspired them to go about giving to charity. A cause may, therefore, be the key influence and also the driving factor behind their giving back to society. 

When you offer donations for the causes you are passionate about. It does not benefit the charity alone, but it could be an immensely rewarding experience for you too. Millions of people are giving to charity regularly for supporting precise causes they firmly believe in. And also because of the ultimate positive impact giving to charity has on their lives.

As per prominent philanthropist, Jonah Engler, at, empathy, and compassion are inherent in human beings. It hurts them to see anyone suffering. It is predominantly the reason for some individuals to opt for philanthropy. People indulge in philanthropy in many ways, for instance, by donating for some charity or cause or by donating towards. Better lives for the downtrodden and less fortunate people around them.

Jonah Engler Highlights the Reasons Why Giving to Charity Is a Good Idea

Giving to charity could be a truly gratifying experience. Let us explore the top reasons why.

Giving to Charity Gives You a Great Feeling

Philanthropy is all about looking beyond you and also helping others. Philanthropy is known for fostering immense personal fulfillment. People who are having a purpose in life and when they contribute monetarily. Towards that cause them to enjoy a boost in their emotional health and overall well-being. As per the findings of several studies and research, generosity helps in reducing symptoms of depression and stress. Remember that donating to charities could prove to be a huge emotional and morale-booster. The realization that you are supporting others is immensely empowering and could make you feel truly fulfilled and happy.

Giving to Charity Fortifies Personal Values

As per, philanthropy is all about identifying your true calling in life and donating. For the betterment of society in general. As per the findings of the research. A sense of social conscience has been predominantly the reason behind giving to charity. Most people, who are into charity or philanthropy, felt it is their moral responsibility. And also the obligation to help others in need with whatever they have. This seems to be a sentiment that is deep-rooted in their core principles and values.

Giving to Charity Helps Your Kids to Recognize the Power of Generosity

By donating to charity, you are inspiring and also motivating your children to do the same when they grow up. They understand right from a tender age that they can bring about positive changes in society. Kids inherently love to provide help to others. Hence, nurturing their inherent generosity would imply that they would be growing up appreciating all that they are having. Moreover, they would be carrying the legacy forward by giving to charity when they grow up.


It is a privilege for many to have the power to make a difference to society by giving donations to charity regularly. Giving for the betterment of society goes a long way in reinforcing your personal values and ethical beliefs.

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