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Jonah Engler Helps Parents in Discovering How to Boost Your Kid’s Mental Wellness & Overall Happiness

Jonah Engler it is not difficult for parents to know and understand their kid’s physical requirements like warm clothes in winter, nutritious food, or perfect bedtime. In this context, parents must realize that a child has several pressing emotional and mental needs that need to be addressed at the earliest to ensure his peace of mind and happiness. When a child enjoys good mental health, he can develop social skills, think clearly and positively, and even learn new skills. Moreover, caring and conscious parents and good supportive friends go a long way in helping kids develop high self-esteem, self-confidence, and a healthy mindset towards life in general. Encouraging words from parents can help kids to stay motivated. Parents should be the source of support and inspiration for their children.

As per Jonah Engler at, wellness is very much about both mind and body. Parents need to ensure both the physical and mental well-being of their children. Stress and anxiety take a toll on the minds of young kids. As parents, your focus should be on eliminating all forms of worry, anxiety, and stressful environments. 

Jonah Engler Unveils Some Important Parenting Tips to Bring up Happy Children

Give Top Priority to Spending Time Together

In this digital era, life can be pretty fast-paced and hectic. You may be following incredibly busy schedules while chasing your career dreams and aspirations. Despite all that, as parents, you have responsibilities. Helping your child enjoy happiness and robust health, both mental and physical, should be your top priority. Hence, you must make it a point to devote quality time to your children so that they understand that they are important and special to you. Have lots of fun while indulging in various activities such as playing games, watching a movie, telling a bedtime story, or planning short surprise trips or vacations with your kids.

Pay Attention & Give Importance to Whatever Children Have to Say

You may make it a point to devote ample time to your child. You may give him undivided attention. Be patient and attentive while listening to what he wants to tell you. Ask him about his day at school, his activities, his friends, his teachers, and how he is coping. You may give your child suggestions wherever you think is appropriate. Do not force him to follow your advice. Make him understand how your guidance could help him become wiser.

Help Your Child Learn the Language of Feelings

It is of pivotal importance for your child to know what feelings are and how to express them. You may concentrate on teaching your child to recognize and understand what he is feeling. Moreover, he should be taught how to express his feelings in words. He should know appropriate words for precise feelings and different emotions so that he could communicate clearly about his feelings. Often kids just shut down at times when they feel depressed or upset because they think mistakenly that apart from feelings of happiness, the rest of the emotions and feelings are shameful or negative. When your child learns the language for numerous other feelings, they start exploring and sharing them. It helps in making difficult feelings seem quite normal.

As per, kids should start practicing mindfulness as that includes acceptance. Mindfulness helps kids start paying attention to all their thoughts and feelings without judging them. That surely implies that it can never be right or wrong to think or feel in a certain way.


If you implement the above-discussed tips, you can surely take good care of your child’s mental well-being. However, you may keep in mind that you will not be able to help your kid unless you devote some time to taking good care of yourself. It might imply identifying ways to tackle and calm your fears, anxieties, worries, and depression. 

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