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Jonah Engler Guide on Finding The Willpower To Overcome Anxiety

Jonah Engler believes a person suffering from anxiety feels they are the only one going through hell. However, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth, as anxiety doesn’t discriminate.

You can be a uber-successful person in life or someone who has constantly faced battles of loss, and in both scenarios, you can face crippling anxiety. This happens because anxiety, when boiled down to its essence, is doubt of failure.

You can doubt whether you are a failure or a success because doubt is one of the purest emotions every human experiences. However, if you want to learn how not to let anxiety define you, then the following are the steps Jonah Engler suggests you take to find the willpower to overcome anxiety.

1.    Jonah Engler Wants You To Believe In Yourself

Jonah Engler wants you to remember that anxiety is doubt a. Hence, you should never forget that the feeling you are feeling is natural, and everyone else also feels this, but this won’t stop you from being the best version of yourself.

You will trust and believe in yourself because you are much more than what these thoughts are trying to convince you. Don’t believe in them; instead, back yourself to overcome any situation and take it one step at a time. As long as you try to overcome it, you will.

2.    Practice Meditation

The second step you should practice to overcome anxiety is to meditate. Meditation has powers that, when unlocked, can provide you with a perspective on life you never knew existed. Meditation allows you to connect to your soul, and there you can discuss and answer any doubt you have.

3.    Make Sleep A Priority For You

A tired mind is a safe haven for anxiety because you doubt your every move when you are tired. Even things you are amazing at, you feel like you cannot do. So if you wish to overcome this feeling, then Jonah Engler suggests you should make getting proper sleep a priority for you.

The more properly rested you are, the better you will think, feel and make decisions. Hence, if you want to be the best version of yourself, get plenty of rest to have a fresh mind.

4.    Jonah Engler Wants You To Reaffirm Yourself That You Are Not Alone

As Jonah Engler has discussed above, one of the biggest symptoms of anxiety is feeling like you are going through it alone. So if you wish to overcome it, you need to reaffirm that you are not alone. This feeling is natural; you will overcome it and not let it define you.

5.    Eat A Clean & Nutritious Diet

Our final tip for overcoming anxiety is to have a balanced and nutritious diet. Diet plays a significant role in our behavior, so if you don’t want unwelcomed thoughts of doubt, you should eat a clean & healthy diet which will help you get good sleep, focus more and be the best you can be.

Final Thoughts

Anxiety is one of the worst feelings you can experience in your life. It makes you doubt everything you know about yourself. It convinces you that you are not good enough. This is why if you want to know how you can overcome this feeling, go through Jonah Engler‘s guide and become yourself again.

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