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6 Things To Focus On During Meditation – A Guide By Jonah Engler

When we are thinking of meditating, it is very important that we pay proper attention to the mind. If you observe that your mind is wandering to some other place, you can always pay attention to the focal points so that your mind stays in the meditation phase.

If you find your mind drifting off from time to time, here are a few things suggested by Jonah Engler that can help you in keeping your focus:

1.   Focus On The Breathing – Jonah Engler

Focusing on your breath is one of the most common methods of gaining focus. You can focus on inhaling, holding your breath, and also exhaling. At any point that you see that your mind is deviating from the meditation, focus on the pattern of your breathing.

2.   Focus On Forgiving – Jonah Engler

While it is quite possible that many people must have wronged you, and you may have grudges against them in your heart, it is best that you let it out. Forgive them and feel the burden of grudges disappear while making your heart feel light.

Hence, it is a good idea to forgive others during meditation

3.   Focus On Your Body – Jonah Engler

When you start meditating, remember to give thorough attention to your body – the postures, the feeling that you get while meditating, etc. Notice the sensations that occur in your body while you are undergoing the process of meditation. Initiate the focal point from the head and gently bring it down to the toe. Repeat the process again. This will help you in feeling connected with your body as well as give you a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

4.   Focus On Your Goals – Jonah Engler

Meditation is a great time to focus on your goals and keep them fuelled up. You can go through your goals and see what you feel about them. Do you feel excitement or pressure when you think of the goals? Do they give you a spark of challenge or are they not really that demanding?

5.   Focus On Your Emotions – Jonah Engler

You can keep your focus on your emotions as well. Wander off to the emotions that you are feeling at the present moment. Are you happy, or is something bothering you? Are you stressing yourself with things, or are things going in a good flow? Are you feeling a negative vibe or a positive vibe? Keep tabs on your emotional health and try to divert it into a positive state. This will help you to feel better and happier.

6.   Focus On Inspiration – Jonah Engler

Focus on what gives you inspiration. Go into the deep layers of what inspires you. You can also explore the reasons why you do not feel inspired.


According to Jonah Engler, these are the six things that everyone should focus on while meditating. This will help you make the best of your meditation experience as well as give you a betterment in your life as well.

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