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5 Tips To Leave Trauma Behind As Per Jonah Engler

If you have been through a traumatic incident, it is quite possible to be stuck in its loop. You may experience helplessness, or in a few cases, you may feel terror and fear.

According to Jonah Engler, a traumatic experience can lead to a series of confusion, numbness, shock, or confusion. Due to trauma, you can feel the sense of security slipping past you and leaving you unprotected in this deep and dark world.

This can cause you to feel drained out – emotionally or physically, or it can result in overwhelming grief, or difficulty in sleeping, focusing, or controlling your temper.

Jonah Engler suggests some tips that can help you leave the trauma behind and cope well in life.

1.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Face The Feelings

While it can be haunting to think of any traumatic experience, it can grip you with fear – you need to face them. You need to face whatever happened without flinching in order to let go of the trauma. It may be hard, and it may require some time, but it will be beneficial in the long run. If you cannot face it, you can seek the help of a professional therapist, open your heart to a trusted friend or even pen it down in a journal.

2.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Commit Towards Letting Go Of The Trauma

While the trauma may be clinging to you with deep intensity, you need to let go of it in order to lead your life in a happier and more positive manner. Commit to getting stronger and letting go of the memories that haunt you. Strive to reach a phase where the previous incident would not bother you as much as they bother you at the moment.                    

3.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Not Isolate Yourself From The World                                                            

While succumbing to loneliness can seem like a good option, Jonah Engler advises against it. Do not cut ties with your family and friends while drowning in misery alone. Talk to people and develop healthy communication habits. You can also get in touch with someone who had a similar experience and talk it out with them; this will help in making your heart light and your mind a bit more relaxed.

4.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Not Run From Your Responsibilities

In case of trauma, people sometimes forget to conduct their responsibilities. Not only will this help you fulfilling your roles, but it will also help in keeping you busy and a lot less helpless.

5.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Join a Support Group

According to Jonah Engler, if you are not able to let go of any trauma, you can always join a support group as it can do wonders to bring you into a phase of betterment. The support group can offer you people who have been through the same and can also help you in getting to a better place.

Final Thoughts

If you are a person going through a trauma, Jonah Engler has some tips that can help you leave the trauma behind. Read the tips mentioned above and get rid of your looming trauma.

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