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5 Tips For Healthy Relationships – Jonah Engler

If you are a person who has developed healthy relationships with your friends and family, this will lead to a healthy and happier life. Building healthy relationships with your friends, family, colleagues, significant others, and even neighbors can help you reduce stress levels and lead to a healthier way of life.

Jonah Engler suggests a few tips that a person should follow to build healthy relationships:

1.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Keep The Expectations Limited

Expecting too much from the relationships can weaken them and result in problems. The best thing to do is you can build relationships with realistic expectations. Try to accept people as they are without trying to change their personalities and habits.

If you try too hard to change the other person, it might make them irritated, frustrated, or even angry. So, try to avoid it.

2.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Keep The Disagreement Respectful

While having different opinions, remember to sort it out without being disrespectful. While some may raise their voices to make themselves heard, talking in a reasonable tone can have more of an effect on the other person. You should be able to share the problems with each other and think of a solution without the fear of bearing humiliation from the other one.

3.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Take Out Time For Them

Presence matters a lot when it comes to relationships. Make sure to take out time to build healthy relationships no matter how busy you are. If you live in different cities, try to make it a point to visit during the holiday season or at least take an update on their lives through video calls.

This will help in strengthening a relationship and building healthy bonds with each other.

4.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Hold Accountability

People make mistakes, but learning to accept them is a big gesture. Make sure that you apologize when you are wrong and also learn to forgive when someone else is wrong. This helps in making things correct and helps in a good flow of the relationship.

Remember, saying sorry will not make you a smaller person; instead will make things right.

5.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Be Dependable

Make sure that you are a dependable person. Do not ditch plans at the last minute or forget to do something that you promised to do. This will create problems in relationships. You should be responsible enough that you be there when you make plans so that they won’t be disappointed. If someone is sick, make sure that you visit them and take some flowers or a get well soon card to cheer them up a little.

Wish them on their birthday; even if you do not remember birthdays, Facebook is there to remind you of the birthdays!


According to Jonah Engler, relationships should be easy to maintain if you do it with a clean heart. Learn to forgive easily and also do your best to strengthen the relationships.

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