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4 Ways To Heal From A Toxic Relationship As Per Jonah Engler

Experiencing a toxic relationship can unexpectedly change your life. You may notice that you do many things that you did not do before. Some people tend to go quiet, or they like to stay alone and do not really join other people outside of their house.

Toxic relationships can change you completely, but you need to understand that leaving that phase behind is actually good for your health. It is good to break the shackles of criticism, manipulation, and constant fights that come with it.

You may bear crumbs of the harsh words that you heard from them; the tone that they used to use might sometimes escape from your mouth when you are in anger.

The healing process that follows a toxic relationship can help you with being the old version of the person that you were.  According to Jonah Engler, here are some ways to help you recover from a toxic relationship:

1.   Never Contact Your Toxic Partner – Jonah Engler

When you have had a long-term relationship with a toxic person, you may be used to their presence, voice, and habits. Being alone after a long time may be taking a toll on you, but do not let the moments of weakness lead you to contact your partner once again. Do not do that if you want to live happily in the future.

If you would talk to your toxic ex, it would result in waves of toxicity that will hinder your progress of healing.

2.   Surround Yourself With Positive People – Jonah Engler

With all that negativity and toxicity put to an end, you need to wisely choose your circle of people. Opt for the ones that are positive and bring out the best in you.

In case you do not have any close friends or family around, you can always rely on professional help to save the day. Do not call your toxic ex when you are feeling low or down.

Reach out to these positive people in your weak moments and let them strengthen you. 

3.   Have Self-Compassion – Jonah Engler

Self-compassion is very important in order to succeed in healing. Make sure you are kind to others, but also be sure that you are kind to yourself too. If you made a mistake, correct it and learn to forgive yourself for it rather than stressing over it.

4.   Self-Care Is Important To Heal – Jonah Engler

Self-care is essential for healing and you need to care for yourself. Do things that make you happy, find things to do that bring you peace and happiness. If you are a person who loves nature, you can connect with it. You can explore new places or try out some new hobbies. You can exercise or meditate as well as focus on building healthy eating habits. Follow up on a skincare routine and do it on a regular basis.


According to Jonah Engler, these are the four things that can be done in order to heal from a toxic relationship. Follow them and learn to heal yourself and stay happy.

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